“The birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth”

Julia Jones, founder of Newborn Mothers

Are you looking for someone who will support you to feel more empowered about birth and becoming a mother?

Are you hoping for early days with your baby where you feel relaxed and confident?

We will really get along if:

  • you are someone who likes to feel organised and prepared

  • you realise that giving birth is the beginning of a new journey

  • you want to do everything you can to feel more confident and relaxed about birth and parenting

  • you have come to realise that planning for the early days with your baby is as important as planning for the birth

Welcome, I’m Clare Lowing!

Clare Lowing

I'm an East Devon based childbirth and parenting practitioner with over sixteen years experience supporting new families and helping them connect with one another. I really believe it 'takes a village' and my support includes enabling you to build links with other new parents through my local groups.

I'm a Newborn Mother-trained postpartum doula which means I don’t simply want to support new mothers. I want to change the way our cultures view postpartum care!

In addition to providing nurturing support during pregnancy and postpartum, I also offer 121 childbirth preparation sessions and hold regular Baby Massage courses and Mums groups with plenty of social opportunities.

I love to work with women and their families who:

  • want the very best for themselves and their baby

  • value self-care

  • accept that they will need support in the early days so that they can focus on mothering their baby

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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